We reached out for an intervention for Eden,because we came to the realization that we don’t have the skills or tools to help Eden with her struggles of depression and anxiety. We have been battling bad behavior for well over a year. Therapy, medicatons, dr appts….It was avalanching. Her self desructive behavior was heart breaking and we finally acknowledged that we weren’t enough. We were absolutely afraid she would hate us. Sending her to a different state and knowing we wouldn’t see her for  minimum of six moths was the hardest thing we’ve ever done, hands down felt like the wrose part of the entire sitution. The decision was so difficult but we knew we could’t help her here at home. She needed more.

When she frst arrived at HMA she was angry and sad. I think she felt like we didn’t want her, which is 100% not the case! We want her home but need her to be welll. It was such a relief to know tht she was in a safe space and we could rest easy. I personally cried for a solid month even though I knew HMA was best for her and that she was where she needed to be.  It’s a mix of emotions, but now looking back, wed do it again. After about 6-8 weeks we noticed Eden was settling in and less angry. She was accepting the treatment, acknowledged that we love her and we did this for her not to her.

It’s been over 6 months that Eden had been at HMA. We have noticed that she had improved immensely in her self ocnfidence and emotion regulation. We believe she has matured and can effectively problem solve. We forsee real talk and not full on  meltdowns. Anxiety is still an issue, but the tools she has learned in managing is  a huge breakthrough!Looking forward to learning some things from her. We also see that Eden is more grateful for the family she has and the support she never thought was there. She also mentioned tht sending her to HMA is the best thing that we’ve ever done for her ♥

I personally believe that it is so important for parents to know that they are not alone and sometimes we aren’t enough to save our babies. We don’t have the tools or skill set. There are professionals and specialists. With the world these days and social media, the pressure and expectations that these girls put on themselves is more than enough to push them over edge…into self hate, drugs, self harm, rebellion, sucide behaviors, etc… as parents, we just need our kids to be ok! Sending Eden to HMA was love, it was tough love. Not just on her, but on us. This was definitely the most difficut thing we have EVER done, but like stated before, we would absolutely do it again!

♥Acknowledgement at HMA: First and foremost Scott, for having the heart and vision to create HMA and linking with Parentslovetheirteens.com where we heard about HMA. Jen for seeing it all through and hugging Eden when her Nana passed away.  Ethan for being a true role model and giving Eden all the tools! Victoria and Benji and all the other saff, for inspiring Eden, showing her that you can take your own experience and help others.

Truly thank you all for seeing Eden, holding her accountable and loving her. We are forever grateful. Can’t thank you all enough! I recommend HMA to everyone who has a struggling daughter. –Cindy G.

“Before coming to Horseshoe Mountain Academy, I would spend days in bed, I stopped eating and I woud argue with my family and treat them like dirt. I now have motivation and self esteem. My relationship with my family is stronger then ever and we now communicate and support each other. I have goals now to be successful and acheive anything I set my mind to. It took time but I now realize I am worth it and anything is possible!”


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