Kaitlyn is doing really amazing being back home! Her suicidal ideation has significantly decreased. She does still have urges to self-harm occasionally, but has worked through them and uses her coping skills. We do frequent full body checks and she hasn’t self -harmed at all since being back home. She’s doing great with completng chores, following a schedule, getting her tasks done in a timely manner, and holding herself accountable with school and other resonsibiities. Her attitude has improved so much and she’s back to being her thoughtful, fun, kind self again!

Thank you for all that you guys do at HMA, Kaitlyn definetly benefitted from your program! She’s using and implementing the skills she learned from you all!


To other parents, admitting you need help from a program doesn’t mean you failed as a parent. When you completely quit, that’s when you fail. My daughter has accepted her strengths along with her weaknesses, and she is starting to love herself. Which is what needed to happen the most.

I would like to acknowledge Benji and Victoria for pushing Serissa to be better. Jen and Scott for running such an amazing program, and most of all Ethan!

You were the most impactful because you were able to reach our daughter when so many othr counselors could not. We plan to move forward with you as Serissa’s counselor, your 1 in a million.


Placing your daughter in another home is a difficult decision, however, the results are amazing. For the first time in 5 months I had a really good conversation with Caley. Her dad and I noticed significant positive changes. She came such a long way.

Jen, we are so thankful for the effort  you and the team have made. It’s people like you, Victoria, Whitlee, Benji and Ethan that have been so positively impactful in both Caley’s life and ours and we will forever be grateful for everything you have done. Words cannot express how thankful we are. I can only hope that I can impact as many young lives like you all have!


As hard as it was to send my daughter away, I think Horseshoe Mountain Academy was the best thing for her. I am very pleased with how she is handling her choices and making the right ones. Thank you!


I reached out to HMA because I gave up on my ability to help my daughter. She was really rude and really mean and not doing well. She was caught with drugs, suspended from school and wouldn’t accept an outpatient program. I was so scared, I knew she would hate me but I only hoped I could get her help. It was the hardest decision of my life! I felt guilty and felt like it was too much for us both to handle, but then I started seeing progress and I became more motivated. Now her behavior is so respectful. She is grateful and she is happy. She understands consequences and is motivated to do good. Be positive and let your daughter work the program. Know that it’s going to take time and encourage her to focus one day at a time. Write letters and give positive reinforcement and most of all know in your heart that you are doing the right thing.

Thank you to the entire staff, especially Ethan!


We felt we were unable to get our daughter to change her behaviors and attitude. She was in trouble with the school, police, and us her parents. She was using alcohol and drugs, so we reached out to HMA for help. I was very much afraid she would hate us but knew we needed help. At first I did not want Ashlyn to stay at the program. Then I found good things happening with her and as more and more good results came, I was glad she was there and wanted her to stay and graduate. Ashlyn has grown and been able to communicate better. Her behavior change has been significant. She now has goals and uses consequential thinking. Advice I would give is to trust the program to help where you cannot, don’t be afraid to admit you need help. Try to learn from this program as parents. Watching Ashlyn’s growth has been incredible. I would like to acknowledge Ethan in particular. He helped Ashlyn with emotions and growth. All of the staff have been very kind and loving. Thank you all for everything you have done for our family!

--Scott H

Our daughter was out of control. She was a danger to herself and others.  I was afraid she others would hate me, but I finally decided that I didn’t care what others thought, this was my child and I’m making this decision to send her to HMA. It was hard and scary sending her across the US but knew she needed to be far away from the environment here. I was very emotional and cried a lot and prayed a lot that I could let go. At times I felt at peace knowing she was safer where she was at. It took about 4 months before we began to have some hope. It was a begining. May seemed to be the month that she really started to change, that was seven months later. The longer you wait for help, the worse it becomes. We are blessed that our daughter who was self harming, everything was negative and talking about suicide is alive today. Our household was nothing but worries, angry, fear and hopelessness. I know we made the right decision, knowing if things start to become out of control again that we could send her back. She is a completely different person than when she left here. The most beautiful thing is hearing I love you and saying Mom thank you!                                   Jen, Victoria, Ethan and all of the staff, not only for Tessa but being a support to us… THANK YOU!!

--Carol C

Marissa’s path was headed to trouble with drug use and bad friends, lying and skipping school. We knew she needed help. I was afraid she would hate us and it actually kept me from having her go at first. It was a very hard decision until we talked with her and she agreed she needed it. Still we were worried that we did the right thing, Worried and scared what she would feel toward us. I had to know hat she was ok to go before I sent her but I know that isn’t normal. Once she knew she needed help, we knew this program could be the best thing she ever did. She has grown and can express herself and she is happy again. Anyone I would like to acknowledge at HMA probably Scott, Jen and Victoria. They were really all we dealt with but I know a lot more helped her we didn’t see. I appreciate what you have all done for her.