About Us

Horseshoe Mountain Academy (HMA) is a licensed gender specific residential treatment facility nestled in rural Ephraim Utah. HMA has nearly 2 decades  of experience providing treatment that empowers adolescent females 12-17 in their endeavors to become responsible, functional, and contributing citizens. We assist each young woman in finding the hope, vision, courage and will to succeed. We provide a safe environment with structure, stability, and an opportunity to learn and grow.

The residential setting gives youth the chance to make behavioral changes, change problem thinking and improve prosocial behavioral skills. Youth will have the time and opportunity, away from their every day environment, to practice the new skills they learn.





“I began struggling with depression, self -harm, and substance abuse at the young age of 13. Being sent to HMA was the best thing that could have happened to me. The therapy helped me to face my feelings and cope with them. The family therapy helped my parents and I build a strong relationship and brought us closer than ever. The group therapy helped me to open up and be honest.

Without HMA I would probably be in jail or worse. I will forever be grateful for this program, the staff, and all that I learned in the 4 1/2 months that I was there.”​ ~Jordon G (former client)


“I am so thankful for HMA and the staff for what they did for my daughter. I am also very thankful for the help they gave me as well. Through family therapy that the program offered, I was able to improve my parenting and motivation skills.” ~Kelly W (Parent)