Equine Therapy


Equine therapy at Horseshoe Mountain Academy is conducted using the EAGALA model, which requires the participation of a Licensed Mental Health Professional, an EAGALA certified Equine Specialist, and horses working together with the client. 

Equine assisted therapy is effective in helping students recognize and deal with personal challenges. It is an original, creative form of personal, experiential therapy that incorporates interaction between a student and a horse. 


The goal of Equine Assisted Therapy is to assist the teen in recognizing her emotional challenges and behavior tendencies, and developing the knowledge, skills and attributes needed to overcome. The caring interaction between the student and the horse attends to the horse’s general needs. This provides the student with a healthy degree of responsibility. 

Human involvement with animals has been shown to be an effective therapy for a number of disorders. It provides remedial benefits for teens with addictions, emotional problems, and even physical/mental disabilities. Experiencing involvement with an animal can result in the teen’s growth in empathy, development of life skills, and improvement of social abilities.